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年复一年,公司已经成功地在全球建立了令人羡慕的声誉。Dulevo 20000平方米的新设备是世界上最先进的制造工厂,坐落在一个200000平方米的网站,也都会举办一次先进的研发区,在未来的清洁工和洗涤塔下不断发展。
The idea behind the Dulevo brand is conceived in 1976 thanks to the initiative and the expertise of a group of technicians, who together design and build the first prototype of the legendary industrial sweeper "120".

The immediate success with which this industrial sweeper is met gives the team the impetus to set up the company's first manufacturing facility (located in a small garage in Parma), where - just over one year later - the industrial sweeper "90" is unveiled. Dulevo's sweepers are very well received by the market and the brand starts to make waves throughout Europe.

In 1982, the company builds its own manufacturing facility in Sanguinaro, ushering in a challenging period of consolidation for the brand in its various markets - the recently designed "200" and "500" street sweepers are the brand's leading lights at this time. The rise of Dulevo continues apace in 1983, the year in which the company designs its first scrubber-dryer, under HIDROPLINA brand. These new, cutting-edge scrubbers bolster the reputation for quality that Dulevo has already been building up through its well-established range of industrial and street sweepers. With the entry of the LAMPOGAS Group in 1991, the company becomes deeply involved in research and development, leading to full-scale product industrialisation and to the creation of several new models of sweepers and scrubbers.
Year by year, the company has successfully built up an enviable reputation around the globe. Dulevo's new 20,000 sqm facility is one of the world's most advanced manufacturing plants, and is located within a 200,000 sqm site that also plays host to a state-of-the-art R&D area, where future sweepers and scrubbers are constantly under development. 

Today, Dulevo is the leading Italian manufacturer of commercial, industrial and street cleaning equipment. DULEVO is staffed by unique people who make inimitable products. Indeed, DULEVO is synonymous not just with great sweepers but also with great people. People who believe in the company and in its products. People who believe that the company's products are already the best out there, but who want to help make them even better. People who consider themselves part of the Dulevo family. 

Dulevo maintains its leadership position by conducting continuous research aimed at delivering solutions and technologies that enhance the quality of the environment in which we live. Dulevo works passionately to come up with ideal technical solutions that meet all the cleaning needs of commercial premises, industrial facilities and street environments. Moreover, thanks to its mechanical/suction/filter sweeping system, Dulevo has successfully made the reduction of environmental noise and dust emissions (PM10) its top priority. In 2007 Dulevo met GORE? group and after two years of intense research activities, the combination of these two technologies has revolutionised every parameter linked with the design of fine dust filtration, leading to a new standard in the industrial cleaning and street hygiene sector.

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